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Definition of Cookies

Cookies are text files that a server stores or saves on the computer equipment or electronic device of the user of website or webpage, the user being a physical person that accesses the site or page.

Cookies can contain information pertaining to both the equipment and the navigation session that accesses the site or page as well as the areas that are being browsed. This way, when the user returns to the site or page, the server reads the cookies to facilitate and configure the navigation session, establish or recover the preferences of the user and tailor the advertising being shown through different sites or pages. If the user does not permit the use of cookies, certain services and functionality of the site or page will not be operational.

Consenting to the use of Cookies

In accordance with article 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of 12th of July, “Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y el Comercio Electrónico” (‘LSSI’), 2004 GINECNTER, SL will only use storage and data recovery technology (‘Cookies’) after the user has previously given their consent through the relevant browser pop-up when they access the site for the first time, according to the terms and conditions which are detailed in the Cookies Policy of 2004 GINECENTER, SL, and which every user should be aware of.

Once the user has provided their consent and accepted the cookies, and provided said cookies remain on the user’s computer equipment or electronic device, it is assumed that this consent continues to be in place for any subsequent access by the user to the website, thereby not having to grant consent every time said website is accessed. At any given time, the user may cancel the consent given by deleting the cookies used by the website from their browser and not accepting the use of cookies on their computer equipment or electronic device as well as rejecting the cookies on future visits, in which case the user will be informed that the use of certain services and content will be limited.

Browser configuration for the use of Cookies

The user of the website or webpage can configure their browser to accept or reject the storage of cookies and delete these cookies from their computer equipment or electronic device at any given time or as soon as the session or browser is closed or electronic device is turned off.

Details for configuring the acceptance, rejection or deletion of cookies for the most popular browsers are shown on the following links:

*2004 GINECENTER, SL will not be responsible for any modifications to the links provided by the companies that produce these primary browsers.

For more information on configuring a browser to accept, reject or delete cookies from computer equipment or electronic devices, users can access the “Help” option in the tools menu of the browser.

Cookies used on our website

We do not collect any personal data of users without their knowledge on this website, nor is any information passed on to any third parties.

2004 GINECENTER, SL does not use cookies to collect information about users nor registers IP access addresses. The only cookies used are those belonging to the navigation session itself for technical purposes (those that allow a user to navigate the site and use the different options and services that are available on the site).

This website, owned by 2004 GINECENTER, SL, contains links to websites of third parties whose privacy policies are different to the one of 2004 GINECENTER, SL. When accessing these websites, you must decide if you accept these privacy policies and cookies. In general, while browsing the Internet, you may accept or reject the cookies of third parties by configuring the options provided in your browser.

To contact our Data Protection Delegate (DPD), please e-mail:

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