Treating vaginal and vulval condylomatosis with the laser


One of the viral infections that can affect the genital region is condylomatosis (genital warts), a contagious disease caused by the human papillomavirus which is transmitted through sexual contact. On rare occasions, transmission can also take place via the hands or through touching. The probability of infection due to a single sexual encounter is between 50% and 70%, with an incubation period of around three to eight weeks.

The disease clinically manifests itself in the form of fleshy tumours that appear as red, pink or white warts with a serrated surface in the shape of a cockscomb (usually in moist areas or those prone to friction).

The warts tend to be found in areas that are traumatised during sexual intercourse (vulva, lips or perianal area) and frequently affect the urethra, vagina and uterine cervix.

The condition is fundamentally identified through a clinical diagnosis and the three main treatment objectives are:

  • Remove the lesion
  • Avoid complications
  • Reduce the risk of infection

Treatment options include:

  • Ablation: laser therapy, electrosurgery and cryotherapy
  • Excision: surgical removal
  • Anitiviral: Interferon, ciclofovir

For preventative purposes, we recommend the nanovalent vaccine, Gardasil 9

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