The gynaecological laser and recurrent vaginal infections

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Recurrent vaginal infections are among the most frequent conditions that we come across and often pose a real challenge to the attending physician. Treatment options can sometimes appear to be limited when a patient keeps returning with the same symptoms of itching, irritation, and vaginal secretions, having completed various treatment cycles with vaginal creams and only experiencing brief periods of improvement after each treatment.

Having used the gynaecological laser to treat other conditions such as urinary incontinence and vaginal atrophy, we were surprised to learn that those patients who were treated for these conditions, and suffered from recurrent vaginal infections, suddenly reported substantial improvements.

The vaginal laser promotes the regeneration of epithelial tissue which in turn re-establishes vaginal flora and changes the pH levels of the vagina, ultimately strengthening the body’s local defences.

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Dra. Yalixtzin Madriz

While it is true that conventional treatment options and preventive hygiene measures are still recommended in these cases, the gynaecological laser clearly offers an alternative that can ostensibly improve the difficult symptoms suffered by these patients.

With a view to obtaining the best possible results and significantly improving the quality of life for these type of patients, this is a novel new way of using the laser in gynaecology that is perfectly compatible with other available treatment options.

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