Fotona: laser perfection

Fotona Laser

For more than 50 years, the Fotona brand has been synonymous with laser technology. Founded in 1964, only a few years after the first laser was built by Theodore Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories, Fotona has always been at the cutting-edge of laser systems and their applications in a wide array of sectors including communications, defence, industry, and medicine.

The company has two headquarters, one in Dallas (USA) and the other in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Slovenia is today the country with the highest production level of laser systems per capita in the world and therefore one of the countries with the most experience and resources in this sector.

Fotona systems are recognised across the world for their high performance, efficiency, precision, and safety, especially in terms of their use in aesthetics, dermatology, odontology, surgery, and gynaecology.

Our clinic has been working with this prestigious brand for many years and we could not be more satisfied with the results obtained from their equipment. We use the Fotona SP Dynamis Pro laser which offers a wide range of innovative gynaecological treatment options that are non-invasive and performed on an outpatient basis. All procedures are performed without surgery or scarring, and without any pain. In addition, results become apparent within only a few sessions, patients are not required to take any time off work and there is no impact on any social commitments.

Apart from its direct presence in the United States and European Union, Fotona also has an extensive global distribution network present in more than 60 countries, guaranteeing an integral level of support for all users of their systems.

Fotona also has its own on-line academy. Apart from providing the opportunity to participate in clinical studies and international conferences, the platform offers on-going training to professionals across the sector by leading clinical experts from across the globe.

Undoubtedly, Fotona not only provides the best quality equipment, it is also a company dedicated entirely to improving the quality of life of people, offering us and our patients security and confidence, two essential concepts in the world of gynaecological medicine.

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